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You are now about to witness the strength of turtle knowledge.

Here we have another one from my homie Jared K Fletcher. Check his webcomic out: go hang out with with Captain Fantabulous, one of the stars of the webcomic on tumblr: be sure to follow Jared on the twitter : @jaredkfletcher

Also this weekend he’s also going to be at New York Comic Con (October 13-16 2011) in Artist Alley table J11, same row as your boy Julian Lytle. We have dubbed this area J-BLOCK. He should have a gang of stuff there.

now to the tracks and lyrics as always. Turtle Power Muthaf**kas!

TMNT - Straight Outta New York
1. Straight Outta New York
2. F@ck tha Foot Clan Featuring DJ Splinter & April (Newz) O’Neil
3. Pizza Gangsta Gangsta
4. If It Ain’t Rat King (It Ain’t Right) Featuring Rat King & Casey Jones
5. Pizza Delivery Iz Advised
6. Shredder Ball (The Throwdown) Featuring BeBop, RockSteady, Tokka, Rahzar and Ace Duck
7. Something Like Lotus Blossom
8. Express Yourself (The Cowabunga Remix) Feat. Usagi Yojimbo
9. New York’s In The House
10. Don Ain’t Tha 1
11. Stockman
12. Quiet On Tha Streets (Nightmix) Feat. The Jones Conglomerate & Venus de Milo
13. Something 2 Fight 2

Straight outta New York,
Crazy Ninja Turtle named Raphael,
And Cowabunga is one thing we don’t yell.
When I’m called out,
I got da sais out.

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